Tidwell Orchestra

Tidwell Orchestra String Drive!
 violin guitar violin
Come see what orchestra is all about at the
Tidwell Orchestra String Drive!
Tuesday, March 4th & Thursday, March 20th
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
You need to attend the Tidwell Orchestra String Drive if:
-You haven’t quite chosen which elective you’d like to take next year.
At the Tidwell Orchestra String Drive, you can try out all the stringed instruments!
- You’ve chosen orchestra as your elective and need to choose which stringed
instrument you are going to play. Our counselors need to know which
instrument you are going to play so they may complete your class schedule.
- You’ve chosen orchestra as your elective, you know which stringed
instrument you’re going to play, and you’re ready to get started! Stop by and let us know which instrument you’ve chosen so we may begin building your class schedule. If you’re ready, representatives from Bell’s Music Shop will be here to reserve your rental.