Gym Expectations and Grading

Gym Rules:

We are a TEAM at Hughes! We will...
Treat others with respect.
Everyone plays.
Always wear tennis shoes.
Make smart, safe decisions.

*Come ready to participate
*MUST wear athletic shoes
No crocs, flip-flips, sandals, boots, heels!!

Please send a note if your child is unable to participate in gym.  A doctor's note is required after 3 days of inactivity & a doctor's release is required to resume play.


If students are not following classroom rules, a verbal warning will be given. If behavior continues the student will sign the book and have a time out. Each student will start with an "S" as their conduct grade, and move up or down depending on behavior.

-2 signatures: Note sent home. Conduct changed to "N".

-4 signatures: Conduct drops to a "U”

*Conduct grade can always be moved back up if behavior improves.

From the NISD grading guidelines:
"E=Performs at excellent/above standard consistently.
S=Performs at standard expectations consistently.
N=Performs at slightly below standard expectations, but with continuous progress.
U=Performs consistently at beginning or below standard expectation."