J. L. Hughes Hawks Choir 

   The J. L. Hughes Hawks Choir is a performing ensemble made up of students in grades 4-5 who love to sing and enjoy working hard to make beautiful music.  Choir offers students an opportunity to perform more advanced music than the ordinary music classroom.  Students are also given many occasions to perform in public and compete with other like-minded students.  Choir is a yearlong commitment and students must have written permission from parents/guardians to join. Our choir will rehearse every Monday afternoon until 4:00 pm in the music room.  Since rehearsals and performances are vital to the success of any choir program, attendance to all rehearsals and performances is required.  Students are allowed three excused absences from rehearsal before becoming subject to dismissal from choir.  Absences from performances are only excused at the discretion of the director.  There is no cost to join choir.  However, all students will be required to purchase a Choir T-shirt as part of their performance uniform.