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Dyslexia Services

Northwest Independent School District supports the educational concept that reading, writing, and spelling skills provide the foundation for overall academic success. Opportunities are provided for students who are experiencing difficulty in acquiring basic language arts skills. This service is provided by a campus based teacher trained in dyslexia.  The dyslexia trained teacher uses intensive small group and individual activities to provide services for struggling readers including students with dyslexia. Interventions incorporate the components of a dyslexia program outlined in the Dyslexia Handbook published by the Texas Education Agency. The dyslexia program also utilizes strategies appropriate for struggling readers as well as students identified with dyslexia. Using this method of learning, students are able to grasp skills at a much faster rate and are ready to move into higher levels of application.

Structured intervention is designed for a period of time appropriate for each individual student in kindergarten through grade twelve. Beginning at sixth grade, reading instruction is offered as an elective to those students determined by the Committee of Knowledgable Persons may benefit from a multisensory and phonetically based approach to reading, writing, and spelling. Many connections are made to support classroom instruction in the core classes.

FAQ about Dyslexia