Research & Reference


Students at the Hughes Library are encouraged to ask questions and then seek the answers to those questions. The library is the perfect place for inquiry and exploration! To help students become information literate, we want kids to learn about all different kinds of sources, how to evaluate if an information source is a quality source, and then how to document where their information comes from.

Students, when you are ready to find out about something, use the page below to find a topic and create questions about that topic.

Student Topic and Questions Page

As you are seeking out your answers, use the resources below to help you cite where you found the information (your sources). This is especially important if you are going to be using the information in any type of project, report, or presentation.


5th Grade

5th Grade Print Resource

5th Grade Web Resource


4th Grade

4th Grade Print Resource

4th Grade Web Resource


 3rd Grade

3rd Grade Print Resource

3rd Grade Web Resource


2nd Grade

2nd Grade Print Resource

2nd Grade Web Resource


1st Grade

1st Grade Print Resource



Kindergarten Print Resource

Kindergarten Web Resource

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Credit and Thank You to Nancy Jo Lambert for the 1-5 grade resource pages.