for Parents and Volunteers


At the Hughes Library, we will have LOTS of opportunities for parents to volunteer! The greatest need that we have is to shelve books that have been returned and shelf read to make sure all the books are in their right place!

If you are at all interested in volunteering, we will accept help any time you want to give it! If you want to just come once or if you want to come every week, we will accept all the help we can get!

Please just make sure that you have completed the Northwest ISD background check prior to volunteering.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Hughes Library, please complete the Northwest ISD Background Check.


The Hughes Library needs help with:


  • Shelving: Shelving books for is a very important task because students and teachers can’t check out a book that is not on the shelf! All you need to help with this is a willingness to learn where each book lives and a love of books!
  • Shelf Reading: Help us make sure everything is in the right place. With a school full children who love to take the books off the shelf,  we’ll need help reading call numbers to be sure everything is in the right place and labeled correctly.
  • Clerical Tasks: Help with simple tasks to save us time, such as making copies,  laminating, labeling books, etc.
  • Cutting/Crafting: From time to time we’ll have laminated items or storytime materials that will need to be cut out, glued, or folded – such as research activities or felt board stories. This is an easy, yet time-consuming task perfect to complete at home.
  • Special Events: Help with special days and events such as our Author Visit, Children’s Book Week/National Library Week, Fall and Spring Book Fair, or inventory.  More information about each event will be posted on the Hughes Library website as the event approaches.