A Few Reminders about Compulsory Attendance

When illnesses and emergencies occur, parents are asked to call (817-698-1900 or 817-698-1906) or email (wvannorden@nisdtx.orgthe school each day the student is absent. 


Upon returning to school, the student must bring a note signed by the parent that describes the reason for the absence. Please be sure that the note includes all of the dates the student was absent.


Also, per the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct:

1. Upon any student absence, an automated phone call will go to the parent/guardian the same day.

2. Upon the student's return, he or she will have three school days to provide a note of excuse for any absence to the school's attendance clerk. [See Board Policy FEA(LEAGAL) for a list of approved absences.]

3. Upon the third unexcused absence in a four-week period, a Truancy Warning and Request for Conference Letter will be mailed to the parent at the home address on record with the school, and Truancy Prevention Measures will be implemented by the campus principal or assistant principal.

4. If a student accrues ten unexcused absences in a six-month period, and the school determines the truancy prevention measures are not working, a truancy referral will be sent to the appropriate authority, unless the student is eligible for one of the four exceptions under the law.

A child is in violation of compulsory attendance when a child has unexcused, voluntary absences on:

1.    Ten or more days or parts of day within a six-month period; or

2.   Three or more days or parts of days within a four-week period.


When a student violates or is nearing violation of these provisions, the campus may mandate that a doctor’s note be required to excuse future absences or advise the parent that the Campus Health Coordinator is available to verify the illnesses.


In addition, when a student exceeds five (5) consecutive, or a total of eight (8) cumulative absences in any six-month period for personal illness, the principal may notify the parent/guardian that a doctor’s note is required to excuse absences.  Board Policy FEA (LEGAL/LOCAL)

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