Citing Sources

When do you cite?  

Whether researching a topic assigned by your teacher or exploring something just for fun, if you are going to present, report, or retell the information to others in any fashion, you must cite where the information came from. In order to avoid plagiarism, to give credit to the person who created or discovered something, and to prove that you aren't just making the information up, you must cite the sources that you acquired the information from. Below are some forms and websites that will help you know what to include when citing a source.
You can use these resource pages to help you know what information you need to include when citing a source.


5th Grade

5th Grade Print Resource

5th Grade Web Resource


4th Grade

4th Grade Print Resource

4th Grade Web Resource


 3rd Grade

3rd Grade Print Resource

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2nd Grade

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1st Grade

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Kindergarten Print Resource

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Websites for Source Citation:
(Use if you need help citing your source according to the MLA format.)

 Citation Maker- Elementary 

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