What to expect in the art curriculum

What will I learn and do in ART in Elementary?


· Hard and soft pencils

· Soft and oil pastels

· Charcoal, marker and pen


· Mixing colors and age appropriate color wheels

· Using watercolor and other paints

· Painting with a variety of materials: brushes, sticks, sponges etc.


·    Mono-prints

·    Printing designs with a variety of stamping tools

·    Using brayers, barons, inks

·    Registering and numbering prints

·   Making linoleum and Styrofoam prints


· Collage, sculpture, bookmaking, papermaking

· Paper Mache, cardboard, wire, and found object sculptures

· Stabiles, mobiles, figures, masks, puppets, dioramas, mixed media


· Slabs,coiling, pinch pots, hand-building, combinations

· Vocabulary- Score, slip, leather-hard, bone dry, additive, subtractive methods

· Glaze work


· Weaving,hand or machine sewing, radial and straight weaving, spinning and felting of fibers, basket-making, knit/crochet

· Vocabulary-warp,weft, loom, shuttle

Photography and Technology

·    Photography as an art form

·    Technology as used in art

·    On-line art games, paint programs, Adobe Photoshop

·    Basic animation- flipbook, thaumatrope

·    Camera parts and simple functions

·    Photo-manipulation, alterations, image transfers, compositions