My Favorite Artist

Vincent Van Gogh!

Vincent Van Gogh
     Vincent Van Gogh had a troubled life, battling and eventually being defeated by depression.  Sad as his life was, it seems to me that his art was not so.  His vivacious use of color and texture suggest, to me, an energy both full and happy.  Perhaps his art contained what his life could not.
     His pictures are like a dream-state to me.  Taking me to precious moments in my own life.  I look at his works and see what he saw and know what I have experienced and somehow, over vast amounts of time and space, our memory-images merge and we understand and see each other.  We are connected, however brief.
   Although I will never get to meet Van Gogh, I will always love him.
These images are some of my favorite pieces for reasons explained below:
Still Life: Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers
     I love all of Van Gogh's sunflower pieces because they bring back memories of living in Germany and of my husband.  We met in Germany and he would often buy fresh cut sunflowers, some as big as my head, from my favorite walkplatz in Trier.  How beautiful all those sunflowers were! 
Starry Night
    This picture reminds me of my son when he was quite small, and would draw me pictures of the wind that swirled just so.
     This picture reminds me of my mother and a house we used to have.  It had the most beautiful irises growing happy and wild all over, up the whole side of one hill. 
Cafe at Night
     This picture reminds me of going to Paris for the first time.  I had stopped at a cafe at night and ordered a coffee.  I was very surprised when they handed me what looked like a child's small teacup with black liquid in it and a small piece of chocolate on the side.  I was dissapointed being tired and considering the price.  Then after having drank the coffee I realized how very strong it was (it kept me up half the night), and to this day I have yet to have had such a strong coffee again.  Even a strong shot of the American version of espresso cannot compare!  What a fun experience and memory!
Wheatfield with Cypresses
     I love this picture because it reminds me of nothing that has already happened, but rather as a future memory of a place I would like to be!  How very beautiful!  I want to feel and see that very sky, standing in that very place!
     We see, make, and understand art because it envokes in us a better understanding of our own selves.