Campus Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a parent arrange a conference with a teacher?

Parents are encouraged to have conferences with teachers. You may contact your child's teacher via email to arrange the conference. See the teacher's website for details.

2. How does a parent report an absence?

Parents are asked to notify the school before 9 a.m. Students will be counted absent after 9:30 a.m. Students may be excused for temporary absences due to personal sickness, death in your immediate family, or doctor/dental appointments (with a note from the doctor/dentist).

A note written and signed by one a parent explaining the reason for the absence is required when students return to school (or within three days). Appointments for students should be scheduled before or after school, if possible. If a student is absent for a part of the day for a medical appointment or therapy, they will not be marked absent if they meet the following conditions:

1. Presentation of a signed statement by the doctor or therapist verifying the appointment.

Students will be excused from attending school in order to observe religious holy days if, before the absence, parents submit a written request for the absence. If traveling, students will also be excused for the day they must travel to and from the site where the holy day is observed. Excused days for travel will be limited to not more than one day for travel to and one day for travel from the site where the holy day is observed. Students will also be excused for the holy day(s). Students will be counted as if they attended school that day.

3. What are the immunization requirements for the district?



Texas State Rule:

In order to begin school, your child must be current on all immunizations


DPT 4 Doses
POLIO 3 Doses
MMR 1 Dose given on or after the 1st birthday
HIB 3 Doses if given before 15 months of age
(one dose must be given after age 1)

OR 1 dose if given after 15 months of age
HEPB 3 Doses
HEPA 2 Doses
PCV 3 Doses Pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar) required if under age 5

or 2 doses when both are given after age 1

or 1 doses for a healthy child given after the age of 2
VARICELLA 1 Dose (2 are recommended) OR history of Chicken Pox illness


DPT** 5 Doses or 4 doses if one dose was given after the fourth birthday

or 3 doses after the age of 7 and one dose was given
after the fourth birthday

*a TD/TDaP booster is required every 10 years
POLIO** 4 Doses or 3 doses if one dose was given after the fourth birthday
MMR* 2 Doses both doses must be given after the first birthday
HEPB 3 Doses
VARICELLA 1 Dose (2 are recommended) OR history of Chicken Pox illness


*this requirment can be met with one dose of MMR and one dose of measles vaccine 
**one dose MUST be after FOURTH birthday

A student must be fully immunized against certain diseases or must present an affidavit or certificate that, for medical reasons or reasons of conscience, including a religious belief, the student will not be immunized.

Proof of immunization may be personal records from a licensed physician or public health clinic with a signature or rubber-stamp validation.  The vaccine requirements apply to all students entering, attending, enrolling in, and/or transferring to the District.  Incomplete immunizations will prevent enrollment in school or can restrict attendance once enrolled if immunizations fail to be updated according to the requirements.

For exemptions based on reasons of conscience, only official forms issued by the Texas Department of Health, Immunization Division, can be honored by the District. If a student should not be immunized for medical reasons, the student or parent must present a certificate signed by a U.S. licensed physician stating that, in the doctors opinion, the immunization required poses a significant risk to the health and well-being of the student or any member of the students family or household. This certificate must be renewed yearly unless the physician specifies a life-long condition. Board Policy FFAB (LEGAL/LOCAL/EXHIBIT) and the Texas Department of State Health Services Web site: www.dshs.state.tx.us/immunize/school_info.htm.

4. How can I pay for my childs lunches?

Students can pay for their meals by using cash or by deducting it from their food service account. To deposit funds into a child's account, send cash or a check made out to Aramark.

For an instant deposit, you may also use the districts Internet program, ExpressPay Café, to directly deposit funds into your child's account from your credit card. To access ExpressPay Café click here.

Children's meal activities may also be tracked via the ExpressPay Café site. All funds remaining in your child's food service account will carry over to the next school year unless a refund is requested. Requests for refunds or requests to place restrictions on your child's account can be sent via email to foodservice@nisdtx.org.

The National School Lunch and Breakfast Program at Northwest ISD is planned and managed by ARAMARK Food Services.

In compliance with the National School Lunch Program, applications for free and reduced-priced meals are available in the front office of each school. Please follow the application directions carefully so your application can be processed quickly. If you have more than one child attending NISD schools, combine their names on one application.

If you received free/reduced-priced meals last year, your children will continue to receive meal benefits the first 30 days of school. During that time, a new application must be completed for free/reduced meals to continue.

5. How do I find out about school closings?

Weather conditions and other unforeseen conditions may occur that will make it necessary for the Northwest ISD to close. Parents and students are advised to listen to the radio or television for a current news report. No announcements will be made when schools are to remain open. Information regarding school closings will be posted as soon as possible and will be communicated through the following venues:

NISD News Email Alert

NISD Web Site

KDFW TV Channel 4

KXAS TX Channel 5

WFAA TV Channel 8

KTVT TV Channel 11

WBAP Radio 820 AM

KERA Radio 90.1 FM

KPLX/KLIF Radio 99.5 FM/570 AM

KRLD Radio 1080 AM

KVIL Radio 103.7 FM

6. How do I change my child's transportation?

A written note must be sent to your child's homeroom teacher in order for us to change your child's usual afternoon transportation. If a note is not sent with your child that morning, please email hugheselem@nisdtx.org of the change and your child's teacher will be notified. Transportation changes must be made in writing. We cannot accept changes made over the phone. Thank you for helping us keep your child safe.

7. Are tutorials available on campus?

Academic tutoring is available for all students. Your child's homeroom teacher will contact you if tutorials become necessary for your child.

8. What are the school hours?

School begins at 7:40 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. School doors open at 7:20 a.m. Please do not leave your children at school before 7:20 a.m. as no one is available to supervise them. Students will be counted tardy if they arrive after the bell rings at 7:40 a.m. The school office is open from 7:20 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each school day.

9. How do I obtain information about the bus schedule and pickups?

You can go to our districts transportation website for routes and other information about the transportation department for Northwest ISD.

10. Where can I find a school calendar?

For specific campus information, go to the campus website.
11. How do I join a parent organization?
J. Lyndal Hughes Elementary is supported by a PTA (Parent Teacher Association). To obtain more information about our PTA, you may join for $10.00 per family and be added to their email list. Visit the PTA link on our campus website for more information.
12. What is the campus/district dress code?

Student handbook information, including dress code, can be found on the Northwest ISD website.

13. Are visitors permitted in the schools?

Parents and other members of the public are invited and welcomed to our schools. In order to protect the security of our students, staff, and the learning environment at school, visitors are requested to conform to the following guidelines:

1 All visitors must first report to the school office, sign in, state the reason for being on campus, and obtain approval from the principal or designee.

2. All visitors must wear a visitor name badge provided by the school office.

3. If the parent has a conference with a teacher, they should report to the office prior to the conference.

4. Since students are very busy during the school day, out-of-town friends or relatives may visit you at school only during your lunch period. Any person visiting a student during lunch without the student's Parent/Guardian being present must be listed on the lunch visitor form. The student's Parent/Guardian must fill out the lunch visitor form prior to the visit. This form may be obtained from the front office.

5. Upon departure, all visitors must sign out in the office.

14. How can I receive school news via e-mail?

Northwest News provides breaking and up-to-date information about the district, including closings. You can sign up to receive Northwest News by going here and fill out the appropriate information.

15. How can I view the districts Student Code of Conduct?

You may view the Student Code of Conduct through the following link: http://www.nisdtx.org/departments/student_services/student_handbook_and_code_of_conduct/

16. How can I volunteer at Hughes?
In order to volunteer on campus or on field trips you  must complete NISD's online background check. This background check must be completed every year. Click the following link to access NISD's background check: http://nisd.ezcommunicator.net/edu/northwest/ezcomm/register.aspx?t=v&app=0